welcome to Praying for an Angel, my web blog named after the legendary latin freestyle mix of the same name. most of u are familiar with me through my hhyperballad account on rate your music and i just want to say thank u guys for all th love and support over the years. engaging with art, both creating and experiencing, has genuinely helped me a lot and i rly wanted to make a website just to gush about things i love without being confined to a review format that makes my writing more shaky. the location and context of a writing is an intrinsic value of whtvr im writn and usually i cannot write rym reviews, or i take them dwn, because something just feels off. ykwim? i felt like openin up a breezy window into a new way of journaling, while also learning code along the way, would be productive in the long run and help with future projects and goals. i will get to blogging on here, and maybe even sharing art outside of writing, at som point but for now i have too much on my table to reaally break free frm my comfort zone, so i will just dilly dally and hope that this url doesnt collect dust!! mwah loveu all